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Despite the exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves, our operations are continuing as per usual. We are still providing information and advice, holding discussions, planning and distributing our products during normal business hours – by phone and email or other digital channels upon request.
Drainage channels 2020
<p>All BG-<a href="../en-at/drainage-channels/bg-filcoten" target="_blank" rel="noopener">FILCOTEN</a>&reg; drainage channels in one brochure - now available digitally and as a print edition. <a href="https://data.bg-graspointner.com/uploads/4423/BG-FILCOTEN_Kastenrinnen_DE_12-2020_screen.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Download </a>here now.</p>
Product catalogue 2020/21
<p>Innovation and sustainability on every page</p> <p><a href="../_Resources/Persistent/fa7a608440a670b8929c5c5db419fdd890c8ec14/Produktkatalog_2020_EN_screen_Jan.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Download</a> the new price list now.</p>

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This garden will grow close to your heart

Open space design Brauquartier Graz

How do you imagine sustainable life in the city in the years to come? The open space design at the Puntigam Brauquartier in Graz provides some impressive answers.

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The future is here to stay

Brauquartier Puntigam Graz

Living in the city centre: expensive, cramped and lonely? The Puntigam Brauquartier is quite the opposite – with plenty of sustainable ideas.

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The cost-efficient way to make road shoulders safe.

BG-ROAD LEFIX side-strip slab

More durability, more safety with the BG-ROAD LEFIX side-strip slabs. Road verges need a lot of maintenance and incur high running costs. A particularly long-lasting and economic solution was applied for the project K 2098 Lohmühle-Stangenbach near Heilbronn.

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BG’s Romanian anniversary

Growing success for 15 years

It’s time to congratulate ourselves. After all, it’s been 15 years since BG-Graspointner took up work in Romania and we sowed the seeds of success with our own production site and plenty of pragmatism.

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Fast knowledge:

Building Information Modeling.

BIM is an interdisciplinary and connected method of operation that improves the efficiency and transparency of the planning and construction process using digital, three-dimensional data models. BIM lets you digitally visualise all phases of a construction project and calculate the relevant influencing factors and costs before you start building.



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