Symposium on Rain Water 2018

Insightful exchange with expert audience.

The Symposium on Rain Water 2018 in Vienna and Innsbruck was all about the new possibilities of rain water management. On February 20 and 21, experts from the fields of architecture, planning and the public sector received answers to their questions on the topic of “Sustainable drainage with FILCOTEN® green”.

<h5><strong>It’s about time for a modern solution.</strong></h5><p>Due to the soiling of rain water and the increase of <strong>sealed surfaces</strong>, it is impossible to drain untreated precipitation into the groundwater. Large-scale seepage reservoir would be an alternative, however these require a lot of space and they are increasingly <strong>nearing capacity limits</strong>. The industry is in search of cost-efficient and legal solutions.</p><p>Since the introduction of the &Ouml;NORM B 2506-3 and the regulation sheet 45, there finally is a <strong>nationwide regulation</strong> for the requirements of technical filters in Austria. With FILCOTEN® green, we are offering the first substrate channel to meet these requirements &ndash; and we presented our solution to additional future customers and stakeholders at the Symposium on Rainwater 2018. </p>
<h5><strong>Great answers to urgent questions.</strong></h5><p>Josef Speer (Director Sales at BG-Graspointner) about the event:</p>
As manufacturers, we believe product development is only one aspect. When it comes to a complex topic such as modern rain water management, it is just as important to get in touch with stakeholders from politics, architecture and the construction industry, to listen to their demands and explain why FILCOTEN® green is the cost-efficient, all-encompassing solution they are looking for.
<p>The event featured five presentations by four companies with subsequent Q&amp;A sessions. The participants were very interested in FILCOTEN® green and had a great number of detailed questions that engineer Mario J. Tomasek and product manager Christian Ablinger were happy to answer. The topics ranged from the technical characteristics of the channel to legal questions for the use in Austria.</p><h5> </h5><p><strong>What about the expert audience?</strong></p><p>Robert Floderer (architect in Lower Austria, <a href="">author</a> and participant) has several decades of experience in the field of rainwater and is a specialist for channels and drainage. He also had a number of questions at the symposium. To Floderer, the problem so far has been a combination of legal requirements and finding an appropriate solution:</p>
I thought the seminar was very interesting, because when it comes to drainage, we are still facing challenges. Of course, the legal aspects are also important. Administrative obligations, e.g. on groundwater protection, must be observed by all means. The substrate channel seems to be an all-encompassing solution with minimal space requirements.”
<p>Floderer continues:</p>
Surely, it was helpful that BG not only presented a convincing product, but also provided information on the legal context, and included a diversified group of experts in the discussion. I believe FILCOTEN® green is a sustainable solution.
<h5><strong>Our conclusion: all-round success.</strong></h5><p>The impression we got from the great feedback and discussions is extremely positive. With FILCOTEN® green, we are focusing on the cause, <strong>reacting to the issue of sealed surfaces</strong>, and enabling <strong>on-site cleaning and drainage</strong>. We were able to answer a lot of questions and make new contacts &ndash; and we look forward to working with them in the future. We would like to thank all visitors for taking part in the seminar. Special thanks also to our partners for their support!</p><p> </p><h5><strong>In case you missed the symposium, here you can find out more about the advantages of</strong> <strong><a href="">FILCOTEN® green</a></strong></h5>

Josef Speer
Director Sales
BG-Graspointner | Austria