Greater safety

Extremely stable.


Anchoring brackets

The edge is anchored along the full length of the channel body.

All-round galvanised steel edge

<ul> <li>Fully integrated and 4 mm thick</li> <li>Channel body casing in the visible area</li> <li>Sealed all-round edge protection</li> </ul>

Bolted ductile cast iron gratings

<ul> <li>Extremely stable thanks to the quadruple safety bolting</li> <li>Easy to maintain thanks to the exchangeable bolting</li> <li>Protection against longitudinal movement</li></ul>

Sealable channel system

<ul> <li>Moulded safety seam on the front side</li> <li>Channel can be sealed across the full cross-section</li> </ul>

The benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Optimised for the most demanding applications</li> <li>Easy handling, highly practical, reduced construction times</li> <li>Solid channel body up to load class F900 kN (type I in accordance with EN 1433)</li> <li>High-quality concrete with structural reinforcement</li> <li>Solid steel edge affords all-around protection</li> <li>Bolted cast iron gratings with protection against longitudinal movement</li> </ul>

Perfect fit

<ul><li>Level edge surface for the best possible, level connection to the local floor covering</li></ul>

Extremely time-efficient

<ul> <li>Additional concrete casing is eliminated as this is a type I channel in accordance with EN 1433</li> <li>No need to wait before laying the adjacent road surfaces</li> </ul>

Preformed spacer

<ul> <li>Pre-defined distance between elements</li> <li>Precisely engineered joints</li> <li>Simple, efficient installation</li> </ul>

Solid and durable

<ul> <li>Structural steel reinforcement</li> <li>Extremely stable, smooth side wall</li> <li>Expansion joint directly on the channel wall</li> </ul>