Extremely versatile

Unmatched performance.


Ideal flow characteristics

For surfaces without sufficient slope, BG slot channels can be supplied with a pre-installed inner slope of 0,5%.

Compact connection in the channel joint

Ensured by the supplied gaskets. These must be installed on site. Tongue-and-groove system for each channel element.

Optimum drainage performance

Fantastic water absorption thanks to the 3% surface slope towards the slot.

The benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Different channel profiles for a wide range of applications</li> <li>High load capacity up to class D 400, E 600 or F 900&nbsp;kN</li> <li>Very variable: option of 0,5% inner slope, with or without border, expansion joint directly on the channel body possible</li> <li>Element length 4000&nbsp;mm &mdash; special lengths on request</li> <li>Manufacturer with decades of experience</li> <li>Produced and certified in line with EN 1433</li> </ul>

High load capacity

Thanks to the high concrete strength (&gt;=C45/55) incl. structural steel reinforcement.