We are setting a new Purity standard

for surface water.

Robust drainage channel made from high-strength FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete)

<ul> <li>Integrated cast iron edges, KTL-coated</li> <li>Lateral anchoring pockets for a durable hold in the concrete bed</li> <li>Smooth side walls for perfect fit of the pavement</li> </ul>

Cast iron slotted grating

Available in classes C250 and E600

Innovative, extremely high-performance filter unit

<ul> <li>Powerful filter material Mall-ViaClean, according to standard Ö-Norm B2506-3 origin class A, Surface ratio of 1:150 Austrian Standards certificate Nr.: N 001816 </li> <li>Prefilter non-woven material ensures thorough precleaning</li> <li>Trapezoid-shaped perforated sheet metal made from stainless steel for optimised water flow and retention of the filter material</li> </ul>

Bolted gratings

<ul> <li>4-point-bolting per grating for secure and permanent fastening</li> <li>Integrated pins to prevent longitudinal shifting</li> <li>Easy to maintain thanks to the exchangeable bolting</li> <li>Cast iron grating C250 with rapid locking system</li> </ul>

End cap

<ul> <li>End cap with DN 150 outlet</li> <li>Conducts the water through a connection and into the sewer system</li> <li>Made from stainless steel</li> </ul>

Floor drain up to DN 200

<ul> <li>Innovative construction</li> <li>Efficient feed of the water into the sewage system or a infiltration system</li> </ul>

Optimised channel body with a nominal width of 400 mm

<ul> <li>Greater drainage capacity</li> <li>Larger retention volume</li> </ul>

Front cap

<ul> <li>For a clean end to a channel line</li> <li>Made from stainless steel</li> </ul>

Proven sustainability with nothing to hide.

These days many companies claim to be sustainable, but the key question is: how much of this environmental protection is just a green façade. ... Find out more

Environmental protection is in our DNA ...

Sustainability is one of the most important elements of our corporate culture. ... Find out more

One victory, two winners.

 FILCOTEN HPC compared to conventional concrete. ... Find out more

Innovative filter system

The new FILCOTEN green features an innovative filter system, enabling superior cleaning performance. At the same time, the system is easy to install and maintain.... Find out more

Increased filter surface, retention and connection surface.

Integrated control & water sampling well

Innovative DN150 overflow for efficient heavy rain drainage.

Use the benefits of BIM together with us

We provide our channel bodies, gratings and accessory parts as BIM data in Revit or open source format.... Find out more