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Powerful connection

The coefficient of expansion for FILCOTEN® is identical to that of concrete, meaning that the material is perfectly suited to ensuring a firm fit over a long period of time.

Intelligent drain cover

<ul><li>Drain cover made from V2A stainless steel</li> <li>Can easily be removed for cleaning</li> <li>Functions as a sturdy walkway bridge</li></ul>

Installation height/width

Available in three versions: H = 35 mm / W = 150 mm (as shown in fig.) H = 50 mm / W = 150 mm H = 50 mm / W = 300 mm

Perfectly engineered sealing joint

<ul><li>Sealable butt joint, easily accessible and inspectable</li> <li>Based on the requirements of EN 1433</li> <li>In order to create a sealed system and connect with the surface coating system, a seal should be established below the comb channel.</li></ul>

Drainage-optimised rib construction

The draining water is channelled into the drain in the centre via the two branch channels.

Very quiet

<ul> <li>Even cross-section & monolithic construction prevent noise when driven over</li> <li>No complaints from residents about rattling gratings</li> </ul>

Floor drain

for direct connection to the wastewater pipe. DN 100

Innovative connecting element

<ul> <li>Allows for a wide variety of combinations for channel runs (cross, T/L-connection)</li> <li>Made entirely from FILCOTEN HPC, high stability</li> <li>Efficient water conductivity thanks to intelligent construction</li> </ul>

Comb profile

<ul> <li>Suitable for wheelchairs</li> <li>Slot width of 12,5 mm, 17 mm or 18 mm in line with the</li>standard requirements of EN 1433</li> <li>Almost no height difference from the surrounding roadway</li> </ul>

A perfect fit

Side anchoring pockets reinforce the firm fit in the concrete bed and ensure additional stability.

More potential than anyone else

in not more than just drainage.

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Easy cleaning and maintenance

Simple, extremely sturdy laying

Perfect for renovations

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