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Easy access

<ul> <li>Simple cleaning of the outlet unit</li> <li>Large outlet opening in the channel bottom</li> <li>Suspended silt bucket for sump unit</li> <li>Total length 500 mm</li> </ul>

End cap

<ul> <li>End cap with DN 150 outlet</li> <li>Conducts the water through a connection and into the sewer system</li> <li>Galvanised/stainless steel</li> </ul>

Sump unit

<ul> <li>Easy maintenance and cleaning of the drainage system</li> <li>Suspended silt bucket for sump unit</li> <li>Sealed pipe connection</li> <li>Total length 500 mm</li> </ul>

Special element

<ul> <li>Smooth side wall for outlets</li> <li>T-piece & crossings possible</li> <li>NW 100/ 150/ 200</li> <li>Length 500 mm, element height no 5-0</li> </ul>

Extremely durable hold in the concrete bed

<ul> <li>Lateral anchoring pockets for maximum hold in the concrete bed</li> <li>Permanent fit in the concrete foundation thanks to identical linear expansion coefficient</li> <li>Perfect connection between HPC and concrete</li></ul>

Front cap

<ul> <li>For a clean end to a channel line</li> <li>Galvanised/stainless steel</li> </ul>

Floor drain

<ul> <li>Channel with vertical outlet</li> <li>Sealed connection to the sewer pipe possible</li> </ul>

Only a heavyweight

when it comes to features:

Three edge variants

Edges made of galvanised steel, stainless steel or cast iron are available.

Channel geometry/smooth surface

The optimised channel geometry and smooth surface of FILCOTEN HPC ensure maximum flow and self-cleaning effects

Safety seam

A sealable safety seam enables a sealed connection between the individual segments.

Standard outlets

Every channel body without an inner slope has a vertical outlet option.

Bolted iron grip

As an alternative to the fiX locking system, cast iron gratings in cl. D or E (see table depending on the nominal width) can be bolted to the cast iron edge with 4-point bolting. All fittings are supplied as a kit. Our fittings are simple and easy to change. The cage nuts are replaceable and securely fit in the cast iron edge.

Secure hold for the grating

The intelligent fiX locking system enables the simple four-point quick-locking of the grating in the channel. The integrated pins to prevent longitudinal shifting provide added safety.

Perfect channel installation

Anchoring pockets ensure a secure bond and anchoring of the channel in the concrete foundation.

Innovative production technology

The innovative FILCOTEN HPC production and moulding technology made it possible to design anchoring pockets for a concrete channel body for the very first time, ensuring an even better hold in the concrete bed.

Stable thanks to the FEM analysis

The FEM analysis is a computer-assisted process which simulates exactly which structures withstand which loads. The more accurately the effect of the forces is known, the easier it is to choose the optimal solution.

Advantages at a glance

- Three edge variants: Steel, Stainles Steel or cast - optimised channel geometry and smooth surface - sealable safety seam
Advantages at a glance

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