easy to handle

Safety seam

A sealable safety seam enables a sealed connection between the individual segments.

Standard outlets

Vertical outlet is possible in each channel body.

Smooth surface

The surface of FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete) is smoother than concrete, ensuring the best flow and self-cleaning characteristics.


Slotted grating , car accessible

Anchoring pockets

The innovative FILCOTEN® HPC production and moulding technology made it possible to design anchoring pockets for a concrete channel body for the very first time, ensuring an even better hold in the concrete bed.

Perfect channel installation

Anchoring pockets ensure a secure bond and anchoring of the channel in the concrete foundation.

Advantages at a glance

• extremely dimensionally stable<br> • resistant to heat and frost<br> • UV resistant<br> <br> Highly versatile:<br> • driveways and garages<br> • landscaping<br> • terraces and balconies<br>
Advantages at a glance

Environmental protection is in our DNA ...

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Proven sustainability with nothing to hide.

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One victory, two winners.

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Slot tops are ideal for architecturally demanding surfaces in which the design is just as important as the function.... Find out more

Use the benefits of BIM together with us

We provide our channel bodies, gratings and accessory parts as BIM data in Revit or open source format.... Find out more