Spot-on efficiency

elegant from every angle

Silt bucket

Made of recyclable plastic, retains coarse contamination and enables easy maintenance.

Solid cast iron frame

Made of cast iron with a high-quality coating to support the grating in class B125. The cast iron frame fits perfectly into the lower part of the BG-FILCOTEN spot and enables the precise joining of the surrounding floor covering.

Inlet grating with fiX locking system

Mesh grating, galvanised steel, MW 25/12,5mm, car accessible

BG-FILCOTEN step bottom unit

made from our FILCOTEN HPC, it has a high-quality edge for the inlaid gratings.

Inlaid inlet gratings with fiX locking system

Mesh grating, galvanised steel, MW 25/12,5mm or cast iron grating (EN-GJS) in an elegant radial design with black, high-quality coating, can withstand loads up to cl. B125

Anchoring tabs

Ensure a premium hold in the concrete bed.

Outlet (DN 100) with odour trap

For a leak-proof sewer pipe connection

Environmental protection is in our DNA ...

Sustainability is one of the most important elements of our corporate culture. ... Find out more

Proven sustainability with nothing to hide.

These days many companies claim to be sustainable, but the key question is: how much of this environmental protection is just a green façade. ... Find out more

One victory, two winners.

 FILCOTEN HPC compared to conventional concrete. ... Find out more

Simply secure: the 4 point fiX-locking

The “fiX-locking system” enables a 4-point quick-locking of the cover in the channel... Find out more

Use the benefits of BIM together with us

We provide our channel bodies, gratings and accessory parts as BIM data in Revit or open source format.... Find out more