Additional safety

aspects for channel & grate.

Anchoring pockets

The innovative FILCOTEN HPC production and moulding technology made it possible to design anchoring pockets for a concrete channel body for the very first time, ensuring an even better hold in the concrete bed.

COMBee design grating

The COMBee designer grating is a very special creation by our Development department. This classic black grating with unique honeycomb-pattern surface lends a highly aesthetic touch, but has more to offer than just memorable designer looks. The design grating is 100% corrosion-resistant, non-directional optimised inflow, non-slip and UV-resistant.

Galvanised steel edge

The edge allows for secure grating locking with the innovative fiX locking system. Adjacent surfaces can easily be joined against the border of the edges.

Smooth surface

The surface of FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete) is smoother than concrete, ensuring the best flow and self-cleaning characteristics.

A perfect fit

Intelligently distributed anchoring points on both the inside and outside of the edge guarantee the solid bonding of the edge in the concrete.

Safety seam

A sealable safety seam enables a sealed connection between the individual segments

Standard outlets

Every channel body without an inner slope has a vertical outlet option.

Environmental protection is in our DNA ...

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Anti-vandalism lock

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Simply secure: the 4 point fiX-locking

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Use the benefits of BIM together with us

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