Maximum flexibility

meets optimal performance.

Fixed element heights

Elements are available in different heights conforming to different standards for each channel width.

Two-sided perforation

Accumulating precipitation is discharged to the sealing level through the perforation.


The covers can also be fastened in the channel using bolting kits.

Strengthening bars

The strengthening bars ensure a stable form during installation and prevent the channel wall from being pressed together or apart.

Cover options

Mesh or slotted grating, perforated or design grating as well as longitudinal and cross bar gratings can be selected as covers.


The channels are made of galvanised steel or V2A stainless steel.

Because beauty is meant to last.

We exclusively use high-quality materials for our BG-FLEX products. The products are tremendously robust, durable and high quality. These features are reflected in their visual impact, as the products impress with both their high quality and their outstanding design.... Find out more

Functional accessories

Handles every situation.

All of our steel channels comply with the current version of Austrian Standard B 3691. This is where you will find relevant information and installation instructions so that your project meets the latest legal requirements.... Find out more