Focused on safety:

our reflector post base.


Protected surface: no grass growth

The large surface (38 cm diameter) effectively prevents growth of grass and weeds

Easy to install: effective and fast

The base can also be installed mechanically using a hydraulic ram or auger.

Snug fit: Insertion opening with clamp bar

The design ensures a precise hold for the reflector posts.

Made easy: special form

The material is so stable that less material can be used for lighter weight, and the design also makes handling and installing easier.

Neat and tidy: domed surface

A domed design effectively keeps off dirt.

The benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Stable, non-twisting bases</li> <li>For reflector posts with and without snow rod</li> <li>No reflector post and traffic sign tilting</li> <li>Reflector posts and traffic signs replaceable at any time</li> <li>Mechanically movable (reflector post bases only)</li> </ul>

Stable connection: Profiling

Special profiling ensures stable anchoring in the substrate.