Your Sales Team – Field Service

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Director Sales 
Austria & Eastern Europe
Auth. officer Josef Speer
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Sales Manager
Valentin Krexhammer
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Region North
Sales Field Service
Gottfried Graspointner
Mobile: +43 664 910 16 86
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Region South Sales
Field Service
Mario Jauk
Mobile: +43 664 162 93 74
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Region West Sales
Field Service
Christoph Kirchebner
Mobile: +43 664 120 89 22
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Region Lower Austria-West Sales
Field Service
Josef-Mario Resel
Mobile: +43 664 242 95 99
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Region Vienna/Lower Austria-East Sales
Field Service
Peter Wieninger MSc
Mobile: +43 664 125 01 89

Your Sales Team – In-House

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Head of Customer Service
Sales In-House
Mario Lettner
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Region North + West Sales In-House
Denise Strubreiter
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Region East + South Sales 
Anna Haberl
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Offer preparation 
for all products
Klaus Steiner

Opening hours:

Mon. – Thurs.: 07:00 AM – 17:00 PM

Friday: 07:00 AM – 16:00 PM

Store hours:
By prior appointment
Tel.: +43 (0) 6233 / 89 00-0

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