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Meet the all new BG-FILCOTEN one urban

The BG-FILCOTEN® ® one family has a new addition. The BG-FILCOTEN one urban is our new monolithic all-rounder with a load class up to D 400.
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Mastering Trench Drain Grates:

A Deep Dive into Load Classes for North American Engineers and Contractors

Embarking on a construction or infrastructure project requires meticulous planning, and one crucial element often overlooked is the trench drain system. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the intricate world of trench drain grate load classes, catering to the specific needs of civil and mechanical engineers, civil architects, landscape architects, and contractors across North America.

Traces in Motion, Jönköping/SWE

All fired up for a piece of remembrance culture

Scratch! That mysterious sound, the magical light, the distinctive smell – matchsticks have captivated children for generation upon generation. Captivating was also the effect that the Swedish town of Jönköping wanted to achieve with a band of light across the forecourt of its incomparable matchstick museum. In collaboration with the Swedish artist, Erik Vallbo, we, along with our Swedish distribution partner, Ulefos, took on the task of developing the creative covers for the exceptional work of art that draws an illuminated trail in remembrance of the town's matchstick history.

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Parking areas at the Institute of Science and Technology

If we're going to plan and develop a project for our customer, Swietelsky, which calls for custom designs pretty much everywhere, then why not also take on all the tasks from site supervision to the project's final acceptance while we're at it?


Safe drainage with Tempo 200

When a new racing track is set to be built in Hungary, the man they bring in for the job is architect Ferenc Gulács, who built the Hungaroring back in the 1980s.


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Building Information Modelling.

<p>BIM is an interdisciplinary and connected method of operation that improves the efficiency and transparency of the planning and construction process using digital, three-dimensional data models. BIM lets you digitally visualise all phases of a construction project and calculate the relevant influencing factors and costs before you start building. </p>



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