A record on the runway


Repairing a runway is a challenging project – especially if the airport continues to operate. Perfect coordination and reliability are key for successfully handling major projects of this kind.

<h5><strong>So much work – so little time</strong></h5><h5>Operating an airport with only one runway for take-offs and landings while the other is being modernized and restored in record time? It's possible. In addition, a new airfield lighting system for navigating was also mounted at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest, the greenery on the runway was replaced and work was performed on the sewer system.</h5><p> </p><h5><strong>Safety first</strong></h5><p>Bogdan Mărginean working for the general contractor PORR was in charge as a project coordinator and responsible for stakeholder management:</p>
The safety precautions required for the construction project were among the biggest challenges. All resources such as employees, equipment and construction material had to undergo the typical security and customs checks. This would have prevented us from staying within the originally scheduled 8-month construction time frame.
<h5><strong>But there was a faster alternative</strong></h5><h5>Mărginean suggested accessing the construction site from outside of the airport. This completely separated the construction area from the rest of the airport, within the responsibility of PORR and with its own safety precautions. And in return, PORR promised to complete the project three months earlier. The team was able to meet the scheduled deadline and complete the project in record time – self-evidently without any compromises with regard to quality.</h5><p> </p><p> </p><h5><strong>Milled off and completely renewed</strong></h5><h5>During the restoration project, the asphalt layer and some of the concrete layers of the 3.5-kilometer runway for take-offs and landings were milled off. Damaged concrete plates were replaced and joints re-calibrated and filled. Then the asphalt mix was applied and new marking added.</h5><p> </p><p> </p><h5><strong>Time-saving installation thanks to FILCOTEN® HPC</strong></h5><h5>The drainage and sewage systems were also renewed. The old drainage holes were replaced by 650-meter BG-FILCOTEN® one channels by BG-Graspointner. In addition to the required specifications of the channels, easy assembly was important to PORR to maintain low installation costs. FILCOTEN® HPC material adds the required stability to the channels mounted, making them significantly lighter than concrete – which saved both time and money for the installation.</h5><p> </p><p> </p><h5><strong>It's all about quality</strong></h5><p>As the general contractor, PORR guarantees the results to the client for large-scale projects like this. Therefore, reliable partners are of the utmost importance. Bogdan Mărginean, Manager Infrastructure Special Projects, PORR</p>
To us, trustworthiness is key. Reliability and product quality are decisive criteria. Would we work with BG-Graspointner again? 100 %!
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Project profile

Project name
Bucharest Henri Coandă Airport



Bucharest, Romania


Mounted channels

BG-CLASSIC BG-SL, Profil I-1, DN 20x30

BG-FILCOTEN® one NW 200 Nr. 40-0


Total length in meters

2840 m


Services BG-Support

generalproject support



C.N. Aeroporturi Bucuresti SA


BG-Project team

Catalin Dima, Aura Tuta, Ionut Avram



Search Corporation srl, 

Specialist Consulting srl


Construction company

PORR, Project Manager Rene Fisher

Marcus Renn
Head of Marketing