BG symposium in Budapest.

Discussing concrete in the stadium.

What are 45 architects and planners up to in a lounge of the Groupama Aréna, the soccer stadium in Budapest? Isn’t it obvious? They are discussing the technical and aesthetic possibilities of the BG product range.

<p>Okay, maybe not that obvious... but this is what happened during the symposium for Hungarian architects and planners hosted by Hydro BG Hungary. After all, learning is much more enjoyable in a great setting with an excellent view.<br> </p><h5><strong>Sustainable construction with FILCOTEN® &ndash; sustainable knowledge.</strong></h5><p>One of the main topics of the symposium was the significance of sustainable architecture. It’s obvious that our FILCOTEN® systems take a key role in this respect. Tamás Opitz, managing director of Hydro BG Hungary, gave an overview of the FILCOTEN® products and their outstanding characteristics regarding performance, sustainability and handling.</p>
<h5><strong>Dialog is key.</strong></h5><p>Our colleagues in Hungary also addressed data exchange via BIM (Building Information Modeling). The BIM process makes cooperating with our customers easier and more efficient. Therefore, BG will be gradually applying the process more frequently across all countries.</p><p>However, Opitz and his colleagues didn’t do all the talking &ndash; they also listened. After all, being open to our customers’ feedback is a key element of all our symposia. This exchange of ideas is the basis for products and services that meet architects’ and planners’ needs. In this way, Hydro BG Hungary was able to gather valuable information and suggestions for the development of our portfolio.<br> </p><h5><strong>The next symposium is waiting &ndash; go ahead and take part.</strong></h5><p>We will be offering this kind of symposium on a regular basis in all our markets. They are part of our support and service portfolio and a key element of our offer &ndash; because, after all, it’s not just about sales, but about satisfied customers.</p><h5><strong>If you are interested in attending one of our symposia, simply register by sending an email to </strong><a href=""><strong></strong></a><strong>. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE.</strong></h5>

Opitz Tamás
Managing Director