The milestone

for heavy loads.

Front/end cap

<ul><li>With tongue-and-groove system</li> <li>Closure of front sides of the trench drain run</li></ul>

Outlet unit

<ul> <li>Sealed pipe connection DN 200 (KG coupling)</li> <li>Left/right rotation</li> </ul>

One grating – one design

<ul> <li>Consistent continuation of the S-design for the cast iron grating</li> <li>Edge and grating, cathodic dip-coated</li> <li>4-point bolting</li> <li>F900 class</li> </ul>

Retention & stepped slope

<ul> <li>Overall height 40-0 (20 cm higher than no 0) – for greater hydraulic performance</li> <li>Longer trench drain runs possible up to one outlet point</li> <li>Suitable for retention (additional volume: 40 l/m)</li> </ul>

Your benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Outstanding performance in load classes E 600 & F 900.</li> <li>Exceptionally sturdy and durable thanks to the FILCOTEN® HPC monolithic structure.</li> <li>Innovative design with intelligent features; sits snugly in the concrete bed.</li> <li>Simple to install; easy-to-handle sealing system.</li> <li>Sustainable, 100 % recyclable, made using 100 % green energy.</li> </ul>
All product benefits

Absolutely world class – from E 600 to F 900.

The result is an exceptionally sturdy and robust heavy-duty channel for load classes E 600 & F 900 that delivers on high drainage performance. Whether trucks, semi-trailers or aeroplanes: all of them need reliably drained surfaces to travel over – all of them need the new BG-FILCOTEN® one.
E 600 & F 900

Maintenance unit

<ul> <li>Maintenance access in the style of the trench drain run</li> <li>Total length 1000 mm</li> </ul>

Basic trench drain NW 200, NW 150

<ul> <li>Standard construction height no 0</li> <li>Total length 1,000 mm</li> </ul>

Easy access

<ul> <li>Simple cleaning of the outlet unit</li> <li>Large outlet opening in the trench drain bottom</li> <li>Suspended silt bucket for sump unit</li> <li>Total length 1,000 mm</li> </ul>

End cap with outlet

<ul><li>With tongue-and-groove system</li> <li>Closure of the run with sealed socket DN 200 (KG coupling)</li></ul>

Adapter cap

<ul> <li>For stepped slope installation</li> <li>From height no 0 to 40-0</li> </ul>

Your benefits

at a glance:


Singularly one,

simply strong.

Inlet opening in the trench drain joint

<ul><li>Inlet opening in the joint with standard slot width for ideal water drainage</li></ul>

Cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly

<ul> <li>Counter-rotating radial arrangement of the inlet openings</li> <li>Safe to drive and walk over thanks to the S-design of the double slots</li> </ul>

Monolithic structure

<ul> <li>Element made entirely of FILCOTEN® HPC</li> <li>Extremely robust and wear resistant</li> <li>Ideal for dynamic loads in road traffic</li></ul>

Tongue-and-groove system for installation in either direction

<ul> <li>Non-directional trench drain joint for easy and fast installation</li> <li>Interlocking of the groove/tongue/tenon system for accurate, aligned setting of the elements</li> <li>Predefined distance in the joint for optimum function of the insertable sealing profile</li></ul>

Highly efficient flume

<ul><li>Trench drain cross-section with innovative corrugated W-profile design for optimum hydraulic performance on partial and complete filling</li><li>High self-cleaning effect of the W-profile as this causes turbulence in the inflowing water</li></ul>

At one with the surrounding environment

<ul><li>Fine finished concrete colour and surface quality</li></ul>

Easy-to-handle sealing system

<ul><li>Preformed groove on the front sides for easy insertion of the sealing profile</li><li>Permanent joint sealing through tight fit of the groove/tongue/tenon system</li><li>Requirements according to EN 1433</li></ul>

Optimised inlet openings

<ul> <li>Slot widths according to EN 1433</li> <li>Innovative S-design for efficient rainwater inflow</li></ul>

Extremely durable hold in the concrete bed

<ul> <li>Lateral anchoring pockets for maximum hold in the concrete bed</li> <li>Permanent fit in the foundation thanks to identical linear expansion coefficient</li> <li>Perfect connection between HPC and concrete</li></ul>

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