Square, practical, sealed.


Front cap

<ul> <li>For a clean finish to the channel run</li> <li>Incl. surface strip</li> <li>With bolted seal</li> </ul>


<ul> <li>Mesh grating made of stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A)</li> <li>MW 30/10 or 30/30</li> <li>Load class B 125 or C 250</li> <li>Bolting possible (ordered separately)</li> </ul>

Outlet units

<ul> <li>Outlet pipes with selectable diameter</li> <li>Individual placement in the channel run</li> <li>Outlet as feed line e.g. to the oil separator</li> </ul>

Mounting system

<ul><li>Height-adjustable mounting system as a complete kit</li></ul>

Channel body

<ul> <li>made of stainless steel 1.4301 or better</li> <li>Nominal width: 150 mm visible width: 208 mm</li> <li>Element length: 4000 mm (adaptable to the length of the run)</li> <li>Material thickness: 1.5 mm</li> </ul>

Sump pit frame

<ul> <li>As connecting element</li> <li>Also for T, corner and cross connections</li> <li>As a frame for a collection basin/sump pit manufactured on site</li> </ul>

Anchor tab

<ul> <li>To permanently mount the channel body in the adjoining floor structure</li> </ul>

Perforated surface strip

<ul> <li>To permanently connect the flooring to the perforated strip plate</li></ul>

Waterproof connection

<ul> <li>Bolted flange</li> <li>NBR seal</li> <li>Complete with stainless steel M6 bolting</li> </ul>

COMBee design grating

<ul> <li>Made of polyamide PA6, corrosion-free and UV-resistant</li> <li>Up to load class C250</li> <li>fiX locking system, protection against longitudinal movement</li> <li>Non-slip honeycomb profile</li></ul>

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