<p>Discover our BG-AQUA citybloq stormwater <br>management system: modular, heavy-duty solutions <br>for enhanced water retention, detention and infiltration.</p>
Comprehensive sub-surface drainage solutions range for heavy-duty applications
<p>Controlling and managing your stormwater onsite is now required for most projects. BG-AQUA citybloq is a versatile and incredibly robust underground modular stormwater management system that can help reduce stormwater runoff and increase groundwater recharge. Optimized to maximize your water storage footprint, BG-AQUA citybloq is designed to effectively and economically solve your project‘s onsite stormwater needs.</p><p> </p><h4>Why BG-AQUA citybloq:</h4><ul><li>Modular units allowing edge to edge stacked configurations and maximizing the storage footprint.</li><li>Supports heavy traffic loads H-20 to H-25.</li><li>Deep cover compatible.</li><li>Separator row for ease of inspection and cleaning.</li><li>Light weight and easy-to-assemble design save labor &amp; equipment time/costs.</li><li>BG Design experts to assist you from layout design to onsite installation help.</li></ul><p> </p><h4>Benefits:</h4><ul><li>Injection molded high density polypropylene (recycled and virgin)</li><li>Separator row to avoid accumulation of sediments</li><li>Easy inspection and maintenance</li><li>Made to be tough (up to HS-25 load)</li><li>Quick hand installation avoiding costly equipment</li><li>Efficient packing for lower transport costs</li><li>Best people, specification resources, and industry knowledge</li><li>Available in two models: for standard duty loads (BG-AQUA citybloq) and heavy-duty loads (BG-AQUA citybloq+)</li></ul><p> </p>


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