Green oasis with desks

Who says a workspace can only be functional? The new Promenade Gardens office building in Budapest combines contemporary design with technical excellence and innovative sustainability.

<p><strong>Makes going to work enjoyable </strong></p><p>Anyone familiar with the Promenade Gardens in Budapest will know that a modern workplace can offer so much more than the usual, including a pleasant atmosphere that comes from outstanding design. The building was planned and built and is operated in accordance with strict ecological criteria. This innovative and highly efficient building was constructed in the city’s central business district in just two years. Workers enjoy a dynamic work environment, but can also enjoy a peaceful moment if they wish in the water-rich garden inside the property. <br><br><strong>Powerful first impression </strong></p><p>One immediately notices the elegant design elements that contribute to the overall architectural impression. Four connected five-story towers offer a total of 25,000 square meters of space for offices, restaurants and more. Three meter-high ceilings, an 8,600 square meter glass front and facade elements in lustrous copper make the building an eye-catcher amid the hustle and bustle of everyday business life. The facade has excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. <br><br><strong>Superb technical building systems</strong><br>The Promenade Gardens are impressive inside as well, with state-of-the-art energy, ventilation and water systems. Sensors measure the amount of daylight in each room and determine whether people are present. This data flows into the economical LED lighting and temperature controls. An energy-efficient VRV (variable refrigerant volume) system allows individual room-by-room heating, cooling and dehumidification. High three-meter ceilings make even fully occupied offices feel spacious. Twelve liters of fresh air per person enter the building per hour, the five floors of which are connected by 18 energy-saving elevators. <br><br> </p><p><strong>Certified sustainability</strong> <br>Not only was sustainability the key consideration regarding building usage, it was also of primary importance in selection of the location and in planning and construction. And it remains a crucial factor in building management, as documented by the two certificates issued for Promenade Gardens: LEED Gold and BREEAM Very Good. Already during the construction phase, great care was taken to minimize impact on the site and the neighborhood, including dust control and noise protection measures. Construction vehicles were thoroughly cleaned before re-entering city traffic, and most of the materials used were sourced in Budapest or from the surrounding area, and are environmentally friendly or certified. <br><br><strong>But wait, there&apos;s more</strong> <br>Bicycle racks and a changing room with shower make life easier for those who prefer to bike to work, leaving their car behind, and there are charging stations for electric and hybrid cars. Biodiverse plant walls provide interior decoration while regulating humidity and enhancing the indoor air quality. Special faucets and fixtures ensure sparing use of water, and rainwater is collected in sufficient volume to cover usage for all toilet facilities and to water the interior garden. A state-of-the-art building management system is employed that continuous monitors and optimizes the building’s energy and water usage. <br><br>An array of BG-Graspointner channels are installed in the garden area, next to the water surfaces, on the terraces and all around the building. These include 81 meters of galvanized, closed BG-FA facade channels with grate, 315 meters of galvanized, perforated BG-FA slot channels and 151 meters of perforated BG-TE terrace slot channels of stainless steel. The latter have slot inserts to prevent solid matter from entering the channel. The design of the facade channels augments the building&apos;s modern and exclusive look.</p><p>The complex drainage system for the Promenade Gardens was planned out by Sándor Liziczai, an architect with Park St&uacute;dió Kft., who was looking for a system that in addition to other factors harmonized perfectly with the sealing of the underground parking garage. He was attracted by the wide range of solutions offered by BG-Graspointner and the company’s expertise: <br><br> </p>
With BG-Graspointner I got an ideal 360-degree solution for the entire project---from a single source. 
<p> We assisted Liziczai in selecting the systems to employ, providing hydraulic calculations for our slot channels that ensure their capacity to perform as required. Using technical drawings we demonstrated that products of a lower design height could be used than had previously been planned for. Environmental compatibility is a key issue for Liziczai: </p>
In the area of sustainability, we are approximately at the point today where the Scandinavians were 10 years ago. 
<p>Currently Liziczai is planning a project in which accumulating water seeps away directly on site. We are proud to have been part of the Promenade Gardens project, and would love to be involved there again. </p><p> </p><p><strong>Are you planning an ecologically ambitious construction project of your own and looking for drainage solutions? Our specialists will be pleased to advise you. Just call us at </strong></p><p><br>Tel: +43 (0)6233 8900-0<br>E-Mail: <a href=""></a><br>Web: <a href=""></a></p>

Project profile


Project name

Promenade Gardens





Installed channel types

BG-FLEX FA facade channels  

BG-FLEX FA slot channel

BG-FLEX TE Terrace slot channels


Total installed length in meters

547 m


Services BG-Support

Hydraulic calculations, project support



DVM Design Kft.


BG-Project team:

Matthias Sailer, Tamas Opitz



Sándor Liziczai


Building contractor

DVM Construction Kft.

Opitz Tamás
Managing Director