thought-out system,

outstanding performance.

Sump unit, one part

<ul> <li>Suspended silt bucket for sump unit</li> <li>Total length 500 mm</li> <li>closed base</li> <li>Outlet NW 100 / 150 with DN 150; NW 200 with DN 200 (pipe coupling)</li> <li>Left/right rotation</li> <li>Maintenance access in the style of the channel run</li> </ul>

One grating – one design

<ul> <li>continuation of the slotted grating design also for the cast iron grating</li> <li>Edge and grating, cathodic dip-coated</li> <li>fix-locking as well as 4 point bolted system</li> <li>Class D 400</li> </ul>

Retention & stepped slope

<ul> <li>Overall height 40-0 (20 cm higher than no 0) – for greater hydraulic performance</li> <li>Longer channel runs possible up to one outlet point</li> <li>Suitable for retention (additional volume: 40 l/m)</li> </ul>

Lived sustainability: FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete)

<ul> <li>Mineral high-performance concrete</li> <li>Extremely durable, stable and UV-resistant</li> <li>Extremely resistant to frost, de-icing salt, oil, petrol</li> <li>Verified LCA (life cycle assessment) according to ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 as well as 15804</li> <li>Manufactured with 100% green energy</li> <li>IBR[1] certified, tested for: VOCs, styrene and BTEX, heavy metals, radioactivity</li> <li>certified³⁾ in acc. with KIWA BRL 5070</li> <li>100% recyclable quality class U-A[2]</li> </ul><br> [1] Meets the strict criteria outlined by the Rosenheim Institute for Construction Biology (IBR) <br> <br> [2] Quality class U-A (certified by the Bautechnische Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg (bvfs)).
All product benefits

Maintenance unit

<ul> <li>Maintenance access in the style of the channel run</li> <li>T-piece with knock-out section (optional)</li> <li>Total length 1000 mm</li> <li>closed base</li> </ul>

Outlet unit

<ul> <li>Outlet unit NW 100 with DN 100; NW 150 with DN 150 and NW 200 with DN 200 opening available.</li> <li>The drainpipe can be serviced/cleaned through the removable grating.</li> </ul>

Basic channel

<ul> <li>NW 100, NW 150 or NW 200</li> <li>Standard construction height no 0</li> <li>Total length 1,000 mm</li> </ul>

Sump unit, upper part

<ul> <li>Simple cleaning of the outlet unit</li> <li>Large outlet opening in the channel bottom</li> <li>Suspended silt bucket for sump unit</li> <li>T-piece with knock-out section (optional)</li> <li>Total length 1,000 mm</li> </ul>

Front cap

<ul> <li>interlocking</li> <li>Closure of front sides of the channel run</li> </ul>

End cap with outlet

<ul> <li>interlocking</li> <li>Closure of the run with sealed socket (pipe coupling) NW 100: DN 100; NW 150: DN 150; NW 200: DN 200</li> </ul>

sump unit, bottom part

<ul> <li>- socket (pipe coupling) NW 100 / 150: DN 150; NW 200: DN 200</li> <li>Left/right rotation</li> </ul>

Re-designed; multiple benefits:

The trapezoidal shape

<ul><li>Enhanced anchoring performance in levelling concrete</li><li>Optimised structural safety; can be installed as Type I – with so-called Type I installation, no concrete casings are required</li><li>Wide channel foot for solid positioning of the gutter, even during installation</li><li>Due to its very construction, the required grouting joint automatically materialises when installing in curb stone areas or upright areas</li><li>The upper 90 mm of the channel wall are vertical in order to enable ideal working with pavement covering</li></ul>


versatile, unique.

Tenon system for non-directional installation

<ul> <li>Non-directional channel joint for easy and fast installation</li> <li>Interlocking tenon system for snug, truly-aligned positioning of elements</li> <li>Predefined distance in the joint for optimum function of the insertable sealing profile</li> </ul>

Cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly

<li>Grippy, anti-skid pimple surface for pedestrian zones</li> <li>safe driving over and walking on due to optimised slot widths: NW 100 = 10 mm, NW 150 = 12 mm. NW 200 = 15 mm</li> <li>Slot widths according to EN 1433</li>

Monolithic structure

<li>complete component made of FILCOTEN<sup>®</sup> HPC</li> <li>safe driving over and walking on due to optimised slot widths: NW 100 = 10 mm, NW 150 = 12 mm. NW 200 = 15 mm</li> <li>Slot widths according to EN 1433</li>

Optimised inlet surface

Recessed inflow openings for enhanced water collection performance and winter road services

Inlet opening in the channel joint

Inlet opening in the joint with standard slot width for ideal water drainage


High, large-capacity channel body for enhanced drainage performance

At one with the surrounding environment

<ul><li>Fine finished concrete colour and surface quality</li></ul>

A sealing system<sup>1)</sup> which is easy to use

<li>Preformed groove on the front sides for easy insertion of the sealing profile</li> <li>Permanently sealed joints, guided by the tenon system</li> <li>Requirements according to EN 1433</li><br> <sup>1)</sup> Optional sealing profile.

At one with the surrounding environment

Surface in characteristic concrete colour

Multiple certifications

<li>100% recyclable, certified quality to class U-A<sup>1)</sup></li> <li>certified biologically sound construction material that meets the stringent testing criteria of the IBR, the Institute for Biologically Sound Construction, for heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity, styrene free<sup>2)</sup></li> <li>certified<sup>3)</sup> in acc. too KIWA BRL 5070</li><br> <sup>1)</sup> Quality class U-A (certified by the experimental and research Institute for construction Salzburg)<br> <sup>2)</sup> No use of synthetic resins.<br> <sup>3)</sup> KIWA certificate number: NL BSB® K43940.

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