Understated, yet

remarkably efficient.

Slot width 18 mm

The narrow slot width of just 18 mm makes these drainage options virtually invisible.

Two-sided perforation

Enables drainage of two water-bearing levels.

Slot inlay

A grating cover prevents solids from entering and ensures a clean channel run. The cover can easily be removed to clean the channel body. Also suitable for barefoot areas.

Construction cover

The construction cover should remain in the terrace slot channels during the entire period of construction as this prevents deformation and contamination of the system.

Height adjustment

The BG-FLEX TE terrace slot channel allows level and incline differences between the top surface and the base plate to be perfectly compensated by the height adjustment.

Front sides

Front sides are perfectly coordinated to establish a secure connection between the individual segments.


The channels are made of galvanised steel or V2A stainless steel.

The benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Extremely stable and lightweight channel bodies made of V2A stainless steel</li> <li>Slot width of 18 mm with high drainage performance</li> <li>Blends perfectly into the overall architecture thanks to the excellent flexibility and extremely narrow design</li> <li>Numerous different versions with a wide range of accessories</li> <li>Channel bodies are easy to clean thanks to the removable cover and maintenance units</li></ul>
All product benefits

Access made easy.

<ul><li>The maintenance unit enables the channel run to be inspected and cleaned</li><li>The design of the unit cover makes it possible to insert paving stones for a subtle installation.</li><li>Easy removal of the unit cover thanks to the screw-in lifting grip</li></ul>