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The Merkur Campus in Graz is the epitome of modern construction. This is where resource-efficient construction meets an inviting architecture with lush greenery. And, this is also how attractive jobs are created.

<h5><strong>A spacious and inviting design</strong></h5><p> </p><p>The new headquarters of Merkur Versicherung in Graz was designed by the architects Zechner und Zechner from Vienna. The building’s open and transparent style is owed to the extensive free space offered on the premises, and the ground floor that extends across the grounds, connecting all buildings. Its roof garden is also perfect for spending time, or working, in the fresh air. The grounds surrounding the three buildings – two of which were newly constructed and one being a renovated existing building – considerably add to the value of the urban space on Conrad-von-Hötzendorf Straße.</p><p> </p><h5><strong>More than just a place of work</strong></h5><p> </p><p>All in all, the new Merkur Campus is more than just the headquarters of an insurance company. It is a place for people to meet and exchange ideas as well as an ideal venue for events, e.g. exhibitions.</p><p> </p><h5><strong>Resource-efficient from the basement to the ceiling</strong></h5><p> </p><p>The goal was to design a sustainable, “lean” building. The emphasis was on enabling low primary energy demand, economical use of resources as well as low life cycle costs while maintaining a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. Therefore, the complex features adjustable exterior sun blinds, natural ventilation within the facade, LED lighting, energy feedback, good acoustics as well as greened open spaces, roof and facade areas. The carbon footprint is improved by using geothermal energy and a photovoltaic system on the roof.</p><p> </p><h5><strong>Detailed planning is worthwhile</strong></h5><p> </p><p>The two new buildings feature open floor plans without right angles and with rounded corners – with the corresponding facades and, of course, the facade channels. In detailed planning over several weeks, BG-Graspointner developed custom-made designs and sizes for all radius and lengths. Andreas Eichhübl, the supervisor in charge of the project, praises both the accurate fit of the parts supplied and the cooperation with the channel manufacturer:</p>
The safety precautions required for the construction project were among the biggest challenges. All resources such as employees, equipment and construction material had to undergo the typical security and customs checks. This would have prevented us from staying within the originally scheduled 8-month construction time frame.
<p>According to him, this kind of efficient way of work was essential due to the time pressure everyone is faced with today.</p><p> </p><h5><strong>Sustainable construction down to the garage entrance</strong></h5><p> </p><p>Even the drainage system for the garage entrance has been built in a particularly sustainable way. BG-<a href="/fr-ca/caniveaux-de-drainage/bg-filcoten">FILCOTEN</a>® pro made of FILCO<a href="/fr-ca/caniveaux-de-drainage/bg-filcoten">TEN</a>® HPC was used for this purpose. The monolithic construction of the channel is ideally suited for dynamic exposure in road traffic. The material combines outstanding technical properties with eco-sustainability. FILCO<a href="/fr-ca/caniveaux-de-drainage/bg-filcoten">TEN</a>® HPC features a high-density structure that enables the construction of channel bodies in a lightweight design with almost the same stability and load capacity of conventional concrete systems. FILCO<a href="/fr-ca/caniveaux-de-drainage/bg-filcoten">TEN</a>® HPC is also tested for pollutants and is guaranteed to be ecologically safe, as certified by the IBR, as well as 100 % recyclable.The selection of plants also contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.</p><p> </p><p>The selection of plants also contributes to the pleasant atmosphere. There are fruit trees, berries, and herb plants for everyone to enjoy. From juneberries that taste delicious and have wonderful flowers to varieties of sage, red-hot pokers, hardy yuccas, and many others. Urban gardening – communal planting to provide the residential complex with vegetables, etc. – was also planned but there hasn’t been enough demand so far. However, there is sufficient space to integrate this at a later stage.</p><p> </p><p>If you are also planning an innovative construction project for the future, drainage systems by BG-Graspointner are a safe bet. Please don't hesitate to contact our specialists at: <br><br>Tel: <a href="tel:+436233890005">+43 (06233) 8900-0</a><br>Email: <a href="mailto:office@bg-graspointner.com">office@bg-graspointner.com</a><br>Web: <a href="/?utm_source=blog&amp;utm_medium=signature&amp;utm_campaign=05-2021-puntigam-wohnungsbau" target="_blank">www.bg-graspointner.com</a></p>

Project profile

Project name
Merkur Campus



Graz, Austria


Mounted channels

BG-FLEX FA V RB 250, construction height 90 mm, perforated on both sides - partly as special facade channels
BG-FILCOTEN® pro V mini NW 200 BH 100 mm
BG-FILCOTEN® pro G mini NW 300 BH 120 mm


BG-FLEX FA mesh grating RB 250, MW 30/10, galvanized
BG-FILCOTEN® mesh grating NW 100, MW 30/10, Kl. B, galvanized
BG-FILCOTEN® mesh grating NW 200, MW 30/10, Kl. B, galvanized
BG-FILCOTEN® ductile iron elongated bar grating NW 300, MW 29/13, Kl. D

Total length in meters

436 m


Services BG-Support

Planning and construction of the special facade channels including


BG-Project team

Mario Jauk, Robert Eder



Zechner u. Zechner Wien


Construction company

BM Ing. Andreas Eichhübl

Mario Jauk  
Sales Consultant
BG-Graspointner | Austria