Testing the limits on the road


Pushing vehicles and tires to the extreme – that’s what the new ÖAMTC Experience Center in Saalfelden is all about. The new racetrack for driving tests, driver safety training, and events was launched in 2020 – in cooperation with BG-Graspointner.

<p> </p><p><strong>It’s all about speed</strong></p><p>The ÖAMTC Center for Driving Technique (Fahrtechnik Zentrum) in Saalfelden was initially established in 1989. The venue is ideal for vehicle and tire manufacturers, companies and media partners, because the training track, the off-road facilities, and a 220,000 sqm ice track offer countless possibilities for driver training. This is why, after eight months of construction, the ÖAMTC Experience Center was launched as a one-of-a-kind racetrack in the fall of 2020.</p><p> </p><p>Extreme all the way</p><p>The 50,000 sqm addition is all about high speed. The 1.5 km racetrack was planned and built especially for the purpose of testing the limits of tires and vehicles. It offers sufficient space for acceleration, and well as sharp turns, slopes and up to 11 percent grade inclines. A watering system simulates rain. But driving tests and driver training on the limit are only some of the many possibilities: </p>
How about range tests for electric vehicles or for innovations from the automotive?
<p><strong>Keeping the environment in mind</strong></p><p>Before it became a racetrack, the site was used as a sewage sludge basin and an intensively treated meadow. The ÖAMTC then negotiated compensation with the Nature Conservation Authority in the course of land use proceedings. Ecological compensation areas were leased, and special biotopes created that are not fenced in to enable as many animal crossings as possible. A 700 m guidance system for amphibians was also installed. Manfred Pfeifenberger, Head of the Experience Center, underlines the importance of ecological solutions:</p>
We wanted to build the center – but not at all costs.
<p><strong>Water conservation on the track</strong></p><p>Felix Brennsteiner (markand GmbH) was responsible for the detailed 3D planning of the track, among others. He developed the final track model from rough-cut planning provided by Wurz Design and from drone images: Sliding surfaces, turns, watering and drainage of the track, slopes, inclines, etc. – all in line with the Austrian and German standards guidelines.</p><p> </p><p>To simulate rainfall, 180 watering points supplied by ten different watering cycles were provided. The actual water supply comes from a 2,000 cubic meter industrial water basin. Any excess water caused by heavy rainfall is cleaned and drained via a ground filter and a filtration basin on the grounds. Plus, there is a groundwater well for longer dry periods.</p><p> </p><p><strong>High demands for drainage</strong></p><p>BG-FILCOTEN® light channels and the BG-Graspointner slot top D400 were installed as a drainage system for the track. Manfred Pfeiffenberger: “We were looking for a drainage channel to drain the expected volumes of water in order to avoid hydroplaning, that would also be able to handle the constant strain due to continuous traffic and changing temperatures. BG-Graspointer’s recommendation was just what we needed. The channel is doing an outstanding job.” Thanks to the slot top, BG-FILCOTEN® light offers a particularly even surface that is needed for vehicle traction on this track.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Felix Brennsteiner shares this enthusiasm about the product quality:</p>
The narrow channel is an excellent solution for draining water from the track.
<p>And about working with BG-Graspointner: </p>
They were flexible and able to supply special heights for the individual elements. BG-Graspointner’s hydraulic calculations were another bonus point. This helped us to plan even more strategically. It was great working with them, and we would be happy to do so again in the future.
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Project overview


Project name

ÖAMTC Experience Center 



Saalfelden, Austria


Installed channel types
BG-FILCOTEN® light, NW 150 Slot top D400


Total installed length in meters

525 m


Services BG-Support

Hydraulic calculations, planning radially installed slot tops



ÖAMTC Saalfelden 


BG-Project team:

Kirchebner; Unterberger 



markand GmbH; Wurz Design 


Building contractor

Swietelsky, Zell am See

Markus Unterberger
Technical Support
BG-Graspointner | Austria