Optimises every cable route

and your CO2 footprint.

Lived sustainability: FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete)

<ul> <li>Mineral high-performance concrete (dense, low-capillary, optimised microstructure)</li> <li>Extremely durable, stable and UV-resistant</li> <li>Extremely resistant to frost, de-icing salt, oil, petrol</li> <li>100% recyclable – quality class U-A (2)</li> <li>Certified environmental and energy management according to ISO</li> <li>14001 or 50001 at the Oberwang site, Austria</li> <li>IBR-certified (1), tested for: VOCs, styrene (3) and BTEX, heavy metals, radioactivity</li> </ul>1) Meets the strict criteria outlined by the Rosenheim Institute for Construction Biology (IBR). 2) Quality class U-A (certified by the Bautechnische Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg (bvfs)). 3) No use of synthetic resins.

Maximum lateral stability

The solid ribs on the side walls ensure maximum stability.

Prevents shifting at the transition

With the tongue-and-groove system, the troughs are installed from top to bottom. This helps avoid any sideways shifting and prevents grit from entering the cavity.

The benefits at a glance:

<ul> <li>Lightweight yet stable component</li> <li>Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable</li> <li>Quicker installation (manual installation possible) – less track obstruction time</li> <li>High dimensional accuracy and straightness with the tongue-and-groove system and trough installation from above</li> <li>The BG-RAIL FILCOTEN cable trough is lighter, narrower and more compact than conventional troughs. The easier and faster creation of mitre cuts saves time when diverting the run around pylons.</li> </ul>
The benefits at a glance

Trench belt

A trench belt can be deployed when needed and ensures a proper fit of the cover.

Smooth surface

The smooth internal surface of the BG-RAIL FILCOTEN cable trough makes it easier to pull in the cable strands.

Recess edge – outer edge of the trough

The upper edge serves as a guide to level the backfill material when creating paths.

Verified LCA (life cycle assessment)

<ul> <li>Reduced greenhouse gas emissions</li> <li>Manufactured with 100% green power</li> <li>Resource-efficient manufacturing process</li> </ul>

capac pentru canal de cablu

The cable trough cover protects cables from damage and harsh weather. All cable trough covers are produced with or without fibre reinforcement.

Anchoring pockets

The innovative FILCOTEN HPC production and moulding technology made it possible to design anchoring pockets for a concrete trough body to ensure an even better hold in the ballast bed.